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Lake Combie is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between Auburn and Grass Valley. Above the fog and below the snow, Lake Combie sets at the perfect elevation of 1605'. The lake is approximately 3/4 mile at it's widest spot. There are several fingers and coves along the shoreline. Lake Combie is rural in feeling and density. Most of the homes are filtered from view by pine and oak trees. With relatively few properties on Lake Combie (approximately 100) the atmosphere is peaceful and serene. Lake Combie offers a rare combination of privacy, acreage and a very unique lakeside lifestyle.

LaKe Combie is a 360 acre lake that is fed by the pristine Bear River.  Residents enjoy pontoon boats, wake boarding, waterskiing, fishing, kayaking and swimming.  Lake Combie is split down the middle by Placer and Nevada County lines.  Meadow Vista is the hometown for the Placer side of the lake with easy access off I80 and access to the beautiful Winchester Golf course.  Properties on the Nevada County side of the lake are accessed from HWY 49 and are right next door to the beautiful Darkhorse Golf Course.

Lake Combie is under the jurisdiction and control of NID (Nevada Irrigation District) NID, setbacks can run from 100' feet to the high water mark depending upon the parcel.

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